Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Quick bath :)


I was 21, busy with my job. I had grown up developing my set of likes and dislikes, had opions about everything i know, had few good and few bad habits.
I was not a morning person, i loved sleeping and lazying out. And with the a regular nite shift job, i had all the reason to sleep more. Mom and Dad usually never objected me from doing anything i loved doing. I partied till late nites. Went out with friends at every oppurtunity. Shopped for everything I want to, my job gave me enough money. My phone rang every hour with some many friends and peers calling. I was careless and hardly bothered about anything.
Then i Was married and every thing changed. All of a sudden i found myself in a new home and among new people. I didn't find my mom n dad around me. I was neither wearing same kind of dress nor i was looking same. I was using a different brand toothpaste & soap. I was eating a different kind of food, watching different of TV programes. I was sleeping and waking up at different times. I wasn't working so i wasn't busy. There were no late nite parties and phone hardly rang. I didn't mean that things have changed for wrost, but then they have CHANGED. May be I was too rigid to the sudden change, quiet human. Isn't it?
I searched desperately to find my old self. I called up my friends at work only to realise that things have changed from that end too. No, they havn't forgetten me or appretatied me less, but things that were about us..."That technical thing we learned"..."That appraisal our team got"...are not about us(This US doesn't include me)anymore. I went to my parents place which was once mine. I was received with more love and my parents gave me more attention, but then everybody started expecting me to be more mature. I didn't like what was happening.
Slowly life moved on and i adopted changes. I got more patent and less lazy. Today, I am more stable with my thoughts and emotions. I am more tolorent and less sappy. I am more responsible and mature. Its almost 3 yrs that i am married. Life changed, but today i can tell u that it had changed for better.