Friday, August 31, 2012

Time just flew by

Its been 2 years that I last blogged and time just flew by.

Many a times I wanted to come back here and had quite few things to write too... but time just flew by.

Life changed quite a bit. With me changing the work places, quite a few people came in to life. Few just came by and few stayed back. Few bought wonderful memories with them and few bought lessons for life and I didnt realise when time flew by.   Life had been a race...every morning...the whilst blew and every night there was a short halt to pull the socks up again and get ready for race. But I must agree the view along had been amazing so I never knew while time flew by.   Now when I halt and look back, I look at the most fruitful years. Though time just flew by...I knew each moment of it. I am gald that I haven't missed life when time rushed by.