Sunday, September 6, 2009

Seasons in the sun

Things were so different few years back. Back, when I am in school and Jr. College I always enjoyed rainy season. Friends, Wet school bags, Paper boats, playing with kids in the street, rainbows were all associated with rains.
Traffic jams, Pot holes, Stagnant Water, Viral Fevers and Cold n Cough are things that are associated with rains now. Have the things changed or have I grown up so much that I stopped enjoying rain.
There were so many evening, we (friends) enjoyed with out a penny in hand. Now all of us have money to spend but we don’t have time now.
Every morning was a fresh start. Excitement of going to school and meeting friends woke me up. Now the very idea of a going to work on a Monday morning puts me off.
There was only 1 channel, yet it was so entertaining. Now we have 400+ channels yet I don’t stop switching between channels to find something more entertaining.
Summers were so special with visits to grandparents place, swimming in ponds, eating raw mangoes with salt and chilly powder in the fields.
No 1 or 2 month holidays now. It’s just a leave here and there. Summers are no different now.
Hmmm…where are those days?