Thursday, August 2, 2007


Have u ever wondered whats the best thing to do to earn money? What is that which will never be outdated and will always be in demand?

Writting Stories.
Yes. Writting Stories. Real challenge of writting stories is to write them in a way that they appeal for larger group of people.
(Rabindhranath Tagore stories such a hit coz they had universal appeal. He says human emotion is same anywhere in the world..and that is what he tried to touch through his stories)

Stories are everywere. Real stories, fitious, medical, crime stories, Love stories, Romatanic, short stories, moral stories, fiary tales, epics....many more types

We see stories in the form of Movies, Serials, News apart from readin stories in books. They are more in our lives than we actually realise.

They sell in all countries, among all religions and among all age groups. ..coz Human being is naturally curious for stories.

So...use ur imagination (which is specific to human among all the living beings) and try writting a story.