Friday, June 14, 2013 always

I remember sitting next to half stained window glass on a cold winter afternoon in the remote part of Jammu and Kashmir(In India) gazing in to the skies and longing for whats not there. We were living in wooden house constructed on the hill, among think long pine trees. It had just been 6 months that I left corporate life and I was longing to get back to work. Leisure was as empty as it can be. Its not that I didn't make friends there. I did, I had 4 friends, with whom I went for morning, afternoon and evening walks, we played shuttle, we visited river bed at the foot of the valley and we shared moments of fun. In fact there were 4 families living in that 4 block wooden house and all of them were newly married like we were. But that was the only block which had any families living. Rest of the area was maintained by Armed Forces.

The lush green wetlands, clouds that passed through windows, the musical sound of water from the rushing river at the foot of the valley, bright colored flower all around, slight sways of tall pine wood trees...nothing seemed to amuse me after a while. I wanted to get back to the busy life I once had.

8yrs from then, today again I sit next to window, but this time its a huge crystal clear glass window behind my cubicle in 6th floor of my posh office. Today again I gaze in to drizzling skies and long for whats not there. I now long for long vacations, I now long to trip into those lands where grass is wet and green, wind is fresh, mountains are white and huge, rivers rush and there silence in the air. Now I long to sit on the cliff and gaze into the never ending world. I longing or intensely cherishing the moments of past :-)