Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Justice delayed- Justice denied

I sometime wonders why is a there a LAW? To punish the criminal or to reform them. If its to punish them then why aren't they beaten up and torched when they are caught.

If it is to keep them away from others(so that they don't continue to harm others) and reform them and bring them back to society, then shouldn't the judgment be faster(immd).

For example take sanjay dutts case. He had done a mistake 14yrs back and his case is given final judgement recently. For what? To reform him? How does anybody now that he hasn't reformed in last 14yrs? Why is he allowed to stay in the society if he has done a crime? Couldn't he have done more crimes and couldn't he been a danger to the society?

Manytimes people don't even go to court for the fear of getting stuck for years. I don't know why it should take years...but i definetly believe that there should be a way to solve cases faster.
Image howmuch things can change with faster solving of cases.