Sunday, March 25, 2007


He is Uddam singh, another less remembered hero. He is the man who killed General Dayar(The one who killed hundreds of innocent people in JalyanWala Baagh).
Udam Singh was bought up in a orphanage in Amritsar. He was present in the Jalyanwala Baagh when the incedent took place.
He killed General Dayar and surrended himself. When he was brought to jail...he refused to self defend and said "what great honor can be bestwoed upon me than death for motherland".
Salutes to the Hero.
(Sorry guys i couldn't upload the pic virtically. After more than a dozen trials i was able to upload the pic..and only this way)

Friday, March 9, 2007


Have you heard of S.I. Daya Nayak? The officer is known as Encounter Daya Nayak in mumbai. I havn't heard of him, until I saw RISK movie.
RISK is the story of this police officer who single handedly killed nearly 100 rowdy cheaters and criminals in mumbai, solving every case which came to him. He worked selflessly but in his own style.
When i heard that this police officer is fighting in the court for justice today and is on bail, I felt bad.
Watch the movie if you can. You will understand what i am talking about. Risk hero had done a super job. Its a true story(except climax). And a very inspiring and motivating one.

Friday, March 2, 2007

If I understand it right!

Science, maths, economics, computers, Arts, dance, singing...etc are all learnt by our consuious mind...these things are being taught to us and we make a consuious effort to learn them. But there are few things which are taught no where and by nobody, they are learned by our sub-consious EMOTIONS. Few emotions are natural, they are pain...few emotions are self-created(which are learn by our sub consious mind) Sadness. Pain is a natural feeling. Sadness is selfcreated when you are not in terms with pain. Isn't it?

So ..if you are sad about because you chose to be sad. Don't blame anybody. Only "YOU" can help yourself get out of it.

Sad part is that we set standards to be happy. If i get this..i'll be happy, if i achieve this i will be happy, if i have him/her i will be happy. I don't have i am not happy. Why do you need a reason to be happy?
We got to shed those unnessary emotions...anger, frustation, sadness.... after all you get one live. Then why not Live life king size.