Sunday, March 25, 2007


He is Uddam singh, another less remembered hero. He is the man who killed General Dayar(The one who killed hundreds of innocent people in JalyanWala Baagh).
Udam Singh was bought up in a orphanage in Amritsar. He was present in the Jalyanwala Baagh when the incedent took place.
He killed General Dayar and surrended himself. When he was brought to jail...he refused to self defend and said "what great honor can be bestwoed upon me than death for motherland".
Salutes to the Hero.
(Sorry guys i couldn't upload the pic virtically. After more than a dozen trials i was able to upload the pic..and only this way)


Anonymous said...

'Rotate' the pic on the local computer itself and upload. When you double-click the pic to view, the option will be right there with an arrow mark (One clock wise and another otherwise)


satya said...

oh ok.

Ravi Verma said...

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Ravi Verma

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dayar was not killed by shahid udham singh but odier who appointed dayar