Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The 'Lead India' ad in India Times newspaper last week revoked my understanding about politics. Thanks to Media. They are finally doing the needful for the country. Better politicians.

I have heard of word 'Politicis' only with so much negativity attached to it.
eg: So many politics between them.
Don't play politics.
He is a politician yar..... etc etc
Let me give all the credit to our politicians.

I think its more about attitude change most of us need for a better India. Our acceptance levels for illegal/wrong things are high and Information level about our rights are low.
Now how many of us know that if the MCH doesn't clear the garbage even after complaint..we can sue them.
On the other hand how many of us have drove without lience.

So...Today after 60yrs of Independence, let us all pledge that we will be more disciplined and honest and give our best to the country(which ever way we can).
Be more careful and lets use our Vote wisely too.