Friday, March 2, 2007

If I understand it right!

Science, maths, economics, computers, Arts, dance, singing...etc are all learnt by our consuious mind...these things are being taught to us and we make a consuious effort to learn them. But there are few things which are taught no where and by nobody, they are learned by our sub-consious EMOTIONS. Few emotions are natural, they are pain...few emotions are self-created(which are learn by our sub consious mind) Sadness. Pain is a natural feeling. Sadness is selfcreated when you are not in terms with pain. Isn't it?

So ..if you are sad about because you chose to be sad. Don't blame anybody. Only "YOU" can help yourself get out of it.

Sad part is that we set standards to be happy. If i get this..i'll be happy, if i achieve this i will be happy, if i have him/her i will be happy. I don't have i am not happy. Why do you need a reason to be happy?
We got to shed those unnessary emotions...anger, frustation, sadness.... after all you get one live. Then why not Live life king size.


Anonymous said...

Well said... However, sadness is not an emotion by itself. It's the counterpart of happiness. It's just the other extreme on the scale of happiness. If there is no happiness, can't we call THAT sadness?

Like... if there is no light (absense of light), it is called darkness... If there is nothing like light, darkness will not exist and cannot be formed/ proved/ derived...

Just pondering...

satya said...

I think its wrong to say that one is sad just because he is not happy. (its just that we all see it that way)