Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Telangana - Politics

The Telangana issue came into my mind again. And as always I wondered If there are any good enough percentage of common people who are really asking for a saperate Telanga state other than politicians. I remember once reading a comment in a News Paper which made me furious. The comment was "I will not rest...Till I achieve a FREE TELANGANA" -By TRS leader. Now i wonder what a free Telangana is? It sounded like Free kashmir...Free Assam. Heights. OFCOURSE we are all free. We are all living in a free nation. What else he will free us from?
He gave the example of Chatisghar and said that they had more employement after being a saperate state. Than why just Telanga? Why don't we divide state in to 3 or 4 parts. There will be MOREEEEEE employment. Isn't it?
I agree there will be new employement options with govt constructing more buildings, setting up new offices, state banks....etc, but this money will be pulled out of budget which govt should have spend on other devlopment activities. Saperate state will only spoil central budget. Few commodiates prices might rise. Few development activities will be postponed or stopped...etc.
If he is guinenly intrested in devlopment of telangana...why didn't he start any devlopment activities yet. He has enough power even today. Didn't he? I guess he is waiting for a good "murthum". I am sure his intrest is more about the money the center govt will pour. Money enough to fill thier pockets, either relatives and store enough for thier children, grandchildren, greatgrand children. And about more political employment that will grow.

I wish i can do somebody these sick politicians.

I just endup prayin that this kind of politicians should never come to power.


Anonymous said...

Neeku inkoka comedy cheppana?

Pratyeka andhra ki oka udyamam already undanta...
Telangana story neeku telisinde...
Ippudu pratyeka rayalaseema ki kuda oka udyaman start chesaru...

Rendu vaste migiledi ade kada? Aa damak kuda ledu janalaki... I guess they need something to keep them occupied... That's why all this natak :(

satya said...


Eppudu saperate states...tarvatha...saperate contries(Already rondhu unnayi ga kashmir and assam).....these people can do anything for power/paisa.