Saturday, December 30, 2006

Start now - A moral story

A summer morning, a young man on his morning jog on a beach; saw a old man throwing little crabs back in to the sea. He laughed at his craziness and walked(jogged) away. Next day the young man saw the same old man doing the same thing. On the 3rd day when the young man saw the old man doing the same thing, he couldn't stop himself. He went to the old man and asked what exactly he is trying to do.
Old man: Few hours from now sun will get hotter and if these little crabs doesn't reach sea they will die. I am helping them reach the sea.
Young man:(Laughs) 10's of Kms along this beach are 10's of thousands of crabs which die everyday in summer due to heat. You saving a 100 doesn't make any difference. There are still 10's of thousands of crab which die everyday. Why are wasting your mornings?
Old man: I know i am can not save all the crabs and by saving a few, i am making no big difference to their number.BUT let me tell you, that it makes a difference of LIFE and DEATH to the crab i am saving.
Morale: Sometimes we don't act, just because we think we are not going to make a difference to the whole picture. Truth is that every action makes a Life or Death difference to the one who receives it. Do some kind act...everytime you can.

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SAYOK said...

Known, but forgotten.
Thanks for reminding...actions will follow.