Thursday, March 13, 2008

Women's day competition

On women's day we(HR) conducted a competition(poems on women) for all in Knoah sol.

Here’s the prize-winning entry for all of you to read, enjoy, and appreciate.
Kudos to Phaneendra, from the Work Force Management team!

---------------------------------------------I'll change--------------------------
Cleaning my room's floor
She gave me a loud roar
Lost in a movie full of thrill,
I wasn't moved nor did I shrill.
Her repeated tantrums
Failed to pierce my ear drums....

"How could you be so mean...?
Can’t you keep your room clean?
All the day u see me toil
Yet u play my perfect foil"

"I know ma, I’m a bit lazy
But by no means am I crazy...
I know u work very hard,
While I gallop around like a lord.
My acts I am aware are very silly,
But how I wish I could change so easily"

"But I'll change, I promise
And give my lethargy a miss
From my responsibilities never shall I run...
And will again stand up to be your proud son"
"Pardon me mom for one last time...
Meanwhile can u get me a glass of lime???????"

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