Thursday, May 29, 2008

Technical kids :)

All wouldbe mom's and dad's out there...Get prepared for such questions.
I am getting used to..with my just turned 3 year old son who is a technical question bank. :)
He knows how to operate TV, CD player, remote, cell phone, music system, computer... but can't eat his food. Generation Next??


Anonymous said...


Good cartoon!

You wouldn't believe what my niece does! She is 11 months old - still can't walk for more than 4-5 steps at a time. She scares my sister showing a neighbor's dog!! It's like - you let me sleep/ play when "I" want to or the dog will come take you away types!! SHE IS 11 MONTHS OLD!!! CANT SPEAK!!! DOES THAT JUST WITH FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND GESTURES!!!


Satya said...


Thats generation YO mari