Friday, March 20, 2009

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2 years back....

I had lots of free time and I didn't know how to spend it. I had spent hours in the balcony and by window side getting lost in to the view of snow covered peaks, wondering how and what to do to spend time constructively. Then, We were living at an outpost, closer to a small village and away from a small town. There were no hobby centers or institutions to pursue anything. All I had was dial up Internet Connection and my husband’s old poster colors and a painting board. He used to paint in his academy days. His paintings were in art exhibition of NDA and in the dinning hall of his parent unit. He paints well enough, but hardly had time to teach me.
So I decided to learn painting on my own. I have picked up a big painting board. Probably of 3x2 foot in size. Searched few websites and few drawing books, noted few techniques and points and started painted. Choosing a picture and drawing the sketch was relatively very easy to me. I finished the drawing in couple of hours. Next day I started with oil colors and brushed. For 2 days I was engaged well enough as I was painting back grounds (without shading). After 2 days I had to wait for a week to fill in other colors as the back ground colors took lots of time to dry. Weather was bad and we had no sunshine for days together. I started getting bored and impatient again. And the frustration of being idle was building up in me. I browsed every day for hours together (as pages took several minutes to come up) looking for ideas I can pursue to pass time. I found many. I didn’t like few and couldn’t pursue the rest as raw materials, resources were not available.
I was checking mail once when I found a friend of mine posted his Blog. I liked the idea instantly. I was sure that it will be an outlet of thoughts of my idle brain. I took the help of this friend and successfully build the blog after a week's struggle.
Ever since, I have posted everything and anything that had amused me. This blog has been my personal diary of emotions and entertainment. It carried my ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes thoughts and emotions. I haven’t continued to paint for long but I am still blogging……….


Anonymous said...

You are doing a good job and we love you here!

Thanks to your friend :P who inspired you to blog :)

Keep going and keep rocking!!


Anonymous said...

May be you can post a few of those sketches and paintings (though incomplete) for us sometime!

Satya Swapna said...

heeeehe Thanks Vivee for inspring me to blog
I have posted one of paintings long back...its should be in my blog somewhere