Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kids - How wonderful

Couple of weeks back when some relatives visited my place we visited a temple (as a part of trip in the campus). My son, 4yrs old was with us. On our way he asked me 100 hundred questions as always. One of it was “what happened to these plants?” pointed his finger to small plant that withered in summer heat. I explained that as plants/trees don’t get enough water during summer, they are dyeing. When rains come there would be new plants again. He continued with his questions "why doesn't it rain now?", "when would it rain?" and I continued with my answers.
While at temple we all prayed and my little one started running from one corner to another. My mom called him and explained to him that this is a sacred place, you should rather pray.
He quickly did "Namaste" and started running again. My aunt stopped him and said "you should ask him (god) something". My little one did "Namaste" again and tried to run away.
My aunt asked him "what did u ask?” Everybody started making their guesses "chocolates?", "Toys?", "Ice creams", "New clothes". He promptly replied NO, I asked for water to these plants. Everybody laughed at him and teased him.
And when he came to me, I assured him that he is the best & kissed him. He started running around again.
For a moment when I thought about the whole thing, I released how wonder we are as humans when we are born. Somewhere down the line as we grew up we have unlearnt some nice things and learnt some wrong things. Kids (we were all too) are so unconditional in loving. They find joy in doing things. They imagine with out limits and forgive easily.
We grow ups need reasons to like somebody, we have rigid opinions about people, we are result oriented, and most of us have self imposed pressure of being better than others.I am still wondering how wonderful world would be if we haven’t unlearnt those nice things.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I'd say one of your best! :)

Kids are wonderful, really! I have my niece Pattu at home teaching me all sorts of new stuff everyday. I planned to blog but as u said, we, so called grown ups think we are too much grown up and find time for nothing. :(

Satya Swapna said...

thanks vivek.
I find his questions most amazing Planning to post few soon

venky said...

Really wonderful post Swapna... Everybody has a kid inside him but the people around us and the things we learnt are suppressing him.