Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vivid memories - Tales of Andaman - I

At every given spare moment my heart flashes the memories of sharp shimmering sun lite splashing into my eyes...and i sweep back into memories of swinging on the cozy bamboo chair hanging from tree's branch right on the beach that beautiful morning.

I have never before heard the sound of silence that deep. There were friends around me..talking, laughing, running around....yet, I couldn't consciously hear or see anything. It was a moment when time halted. It was absolute serene.

I have seen few beaches earlier but none like this. Beautiful white sands, tranquil clear waters just about feet or two deep for a mile. A beach along dense green forest(if I can say that). Ah....what a view it was. It was more than what eyes could see, ears hear and my heart could hold.

The bright sun shimmered brighter, throwing its golden sparkles all around. Wind ran teasingly to the shore and back into the woods. Water that rushed hushhhhly to shore to tickle feet that walked along. Ah..what a view it was.

Being somebody who always liked speed ...I was thrilled to be in love with the 'halt'. For once I did realized the magnitude of nature's power.

 ----Nostalgic about Beach 5, Havelock, Andaman, India