Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good and Bad

Good n Bad. Are they relative terms? Something that is good/morale to me might not be to somebodyelse n viceversa.May be because of this relativety that there's so much restlessness in the world. Who decides whats good n bad..what you can do and what you can't? For me, most of the decisions are made by others. I guess thats how the girls are bought up in our society. And ofcourse, to be honest..that made my life easier and more secured manytimes.Its just once or twice I let my heart rule my brain and went a head forgetting whats morely correct. Anyways I couldn't go very far. I was dead scared of society and much more about my parents emotions who are scared of society.Have not been because of this society, girls would have been more like...mm...MEN?! and Men would be morelike....??(Sorry couldn't think of a right word:)
Down the years I lost little fear. Now i am not dead scared...but i am just very conseious of it.
I don't stop myself if i wanna drink with friends or at home..but because i am conseious i take just 2 large.
I don't stop myself if i wanna dance on road...but because i am conseious i check around.
If i wanna crib and bad mouth somebody i will...but because i am conseious..i ensure it does reach there ears.
I wear so called "fashionable" clothes...but because i am conseious...i ask my friend to wear fashionable clothes too for the party.
I DO not, what is expected of me sometimes. I don't feel guilt...but because i am conseious...i act to be.
If i wanna be rude to somebody JLT..i will be...but because i am conseious..i will get diplomatic.
Like i am getting now.

Good and Bad are relative. Aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Wow! A nice flow of thought. I guess it makes one feel happy when followed "heart" instead of mind. But again, following mind promises safety and survival, so, can't be ignored. :(

As I always say: When there is a conflict between mind and heart, follow heart. That is what my mind says ;)

Anonymous said...

i say..
Follow you heart and let brain rule the heart.

bindas jiyo

Anonymous said...

hi swapna,
Good and Bad.. its really good..

go head what ur heart says.. there is no good frnd other than ur heart..