Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mastering Emotions

If I feel depressed I will sing.
If I feel sad I will laugh.
If I feel ill I will double my labour.
If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.
If I feel inferior I will wear new garments.
If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.
If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.
If I feel incompetent I will think of past success.
If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals.
Today I will be the master of my emotions.


Anonymous said...

So, u r not a normal person. Huh?

:) Just kiddin'!

Eanti, Feb 6th bagaa achochinda? Posts tega kummesinattunnav? Leka '2 large' effect aa? ;)

satya said...

2 large koti mast rojulu ayindi le.:( :)hahah

company ledu:( :)

Anonymous said...

entha mata! ekkadunnav cheppu! am starting now!! ;)