Thursday, January 11, 2007


Have you ever wokeup after a nice dream and felt restless, desperately wanting the dream to come true, that too immediately? It happens with me again and again. There are few things in life that come, stay with you for sometime making your life beautiful and then go away. Thats the way of life, i guess. I indulgued myself into painting, yoga, playing shettel and reading Geeta and kept myself busy to counter the flow of emotions that began with a dream couple of days back.BTw the painting in this picture is being done by ME:) I am oil painting for the first time so i might take another 2 weeks to finish it.

Good news is i am fighting my wrost fears these days. One of it is a stage fear(public speaking). I am told to do MC/ achoring for the Ladies Meet this month. Our Theme is i got to be more lively..hmm...lets c :( :)

Wish me luck guys


Anonymous said...

painting is really good.

keep up the good job.

Anonymous said...

So, lot of things happenning in your personal life... hm... very good to know...