Thursday, January 11, 2007

Going aboard is no more COOL

About two decades ago , over 80% of IITians hopped on to a plane for foreign Destinations.The brains that used to be siphoned off by developed nations are now preferring to stay back home.

In IIT Bombay, 95% of the students got placed in india last year.
In IIT Kanpur, of 270 Btech grads, only 3 went aboard.
And of 267 Mtechs, None.
Only 34 Holding a dual degree chose to go overseas.
In IIT Madras only two students from the Btech batch went out to join lehman Brothers in Tokyo.
All IIT Guwahati grads were placed in India. IIT Kharangpur does not allow foreign companies on campus.


Anonymous said...

Count me too! I am also still in India ;)

satya said...

sorry...can't count u

coz its not about "STILL" being in India..Its about being in India:)